February 03, 2010


It's pretty much a daily ritual in our house lately. After a tiring few hours in the morning of hurriedly finishing off my chores, I sit down for some quiet time but instead I'm flooded with a pile of books and plenty of chitter-chatter to drown the peace. Story time comes and goes and when I'm still yearning for that me time, I'm expected to turn all the recyclable junk, that has been painstakingly collected and looked after, into something splendid. Yes, you guess it right – it's craft time!

I automatically find myself hopping on to the computer and without thinking twice typing in to the google search bar for some 'inspiration'.... Heck, I just look for a quick fix I can get over and done with to keep those little fingers busy. Yes I do have my days when I'm enthusiastic and participate, but those are as rare as a blue moon, so we won't dwell on it too much.

While I was at the library this morning, browsing through the art and craft section while my 4 year old enjoyed her weekly story time session, it dawned upon me...and now it's official – google is stripping me of my imagination.

I had flashbacks of the time before I had my children. There I was sitting with a swollen belly yearning to hold the child in my arms and do all the wonderful things I had planned for us. Keeping them busy and stimulated and to make their childhood magical and exciting. Those day dreaming sessions of sitting down with her cuddling on the couch reading a story book and then creating masterpieces from scrap was something I was looking forward to. And now, here I am 4 years on, painting a completely different picture.

In the past, mums would sit down with their children and brainstorm about what they can create, and the process of deciding what to make in itself was a nurturing learning experience. I've realized that I am meant to savor and cherish these moments and make them last rather than treating them as chores that I want to tick off my list.

So this time forth, I would like to at least make an effort to change the way I do things, and put more 'life' into them. And yes me blaming google for something I am lacking is a bit far fetched, but I'll treat it as my consolation for now.

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