December 11, 2011

Heart Therapy Part 2

- Your heart desires and your body follows suit. The faith in your heart governs and navigates you through your choices.

- The believer is always optimist. He has a trust between himself and Allah and knows that the reward is in the hereafter and that which appears to be overbearing is not so, and Allah will not burden a soul more than it can bear.

- Beware of excessive anger because it leads you to the embarrassing position of apologising for your misdeeds.

- If you are given a duty you feel you are ill-equipped for then Allah will provide you the strength given that you are sincere!

- The place you are in now is the best possible outcome you could have been in.

- People follow others more on what they do than what they say.

- Allah knows the outcome before it arrives. Allah's knowledge is what determines the future. You cannot have chosen better than the outcome you are in. Do not second guess what Allah has provided for you.

- Destiny is based on knowledge of Allah and choices you make based on the opportunity Allah presents you with.

- To feel anger is not wrong, acting on anger is wrong.

- There is a house in Jannah for the one who excuses even if they have a right not to.

- It is forbidden to discipline your child in a state of anger.

- The strong person is not he who overcomes others with his strength, but rather it is him who controls himself in the face of anger.

- Judge a persons forbearance when he is angry and his trustworthiness when he is craving for something ~ Abdullah Ibn Mas'ud

- If you are happy where you are - reflect on it!

- Anger roots within ourselves. Our hearts and soul ignites the anger and Shaytaan then enters to push you to build that anger to an unacceptable level and act on it.

- Preoccupy yourself with your own faults and shortcomings and you will find the faults of others insignificant in comparison.

- If someone comes to you with the statements of others then know that he will go to others with your statements.

- Confront that which is wrong head on. Do not bury your head in the sand and expect it to go away. Combat and take the initiative to stop it.

- A person will utter ONE word without paying attention to it's tremendous effects and consequences and this will drag them down to the pits of hell-fire.

- The moment you judge someone and make a statement and think you are above them and that you are purer be sure that it will come back to you. Be careful about what you say about others. Do not take liberty with your tongue to talk about others.

- Allah has warned us that none of us are pure enough that we can say something about someone else and say that we do not have anything they can say about us. Allah has sheltered you and concealed your shortcomings so do not have the audacity to harm your family and loved ones by the repercussions of your slanderous behaviour.

- Always project a level of honesty and transparency.

- Always aim to be an icon in righteousness. Set an example in your mode of life to inspire others to come close to Allah.

- Do not teach your children hasad. Do not teach them to value your love for them based on what you do/give to others (materialistic). Do not teach them to value relationships based on what they can possess.

- Hasad (jealousy) is not appreciating what you have. Always appreciate the ni'amah of Allah.

- Reflect on the difficulties of others to find peace and happiness in your own situation. When you only look at people above you and not below you, you begin to forget your place in life.

- Find comfort in the fact that Allah is in charge of all your affairs.

- Do not make lying your first impulse of self defence.

- A hand that is giving is better than the hand that is taking.


December 10, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom - Heart Therapy

Alhamdulilah got an opportunity to attend the weekend course Heart Therapy by Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim run by Al Kauthar Institute. Today was day one and can't wait for tomorrow inshaAllah but in the mean time I thought I'd share the pearls of wisdom I jotted down from the course so far.

- As many steps as you take away from Allah SWT it is only ONE step back to Him. Allah is seeking you and is wanting you to return to Him. Do not let shaytaan deceive you into thinking you are too far gone and there is no way back, take ONE step towards Allah and He will take 10 towards you.

- Emaan is not attained by wishing for it,  imaan is what is in your heart and actions that prove it's there. ~ Hasan Al Basri

- Allah holds you responsible even for your physical projection. So SMILE, it's charity!

- Change the little things in life that you are able to do & Allah will change the big things for you.

- Allah knows why people do what they do. Be accountable for your own self and do not judge others.

- One who wants to be successful in this life, needs to seek the akhirah (hereafter). Risq will come to you from sources you never thought of.

- Allah is NOT plan B!

- When you choose akhirah it does not mean you are rejecting the dunya. It's the choices that you make in achieving it that makes the difference.

- The basis of all disbelief is ingratitude.

- The biggest danger we face is not shaytaan, but the disobedience, choices and decisions that we make.

- Taqwa is that you obey Allah habitually so that no one can lead you away from remembering Him, and you are thankful to Allah so that you are never ungrateful and forgetful. And no one can lead you to disbelief. ~ Talq Ibn Habeeb

- Always have good hope in Allah.

- Allah has created balance. Do not attempt to do it on your own as it shows a disbelief in Qadr.

- Based on the decisions you choose to make today, Allah will protect your family in the future. So make sure they are the RIGHT choices!

Stay tuned, inshaAllah I will post Part 2 tomorrow :)

December 04, 2011

A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents

1. My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make a bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball. My legs are short; please slow down so that I can keep up with you. 

2. My eyes have not seen the world as yours have; please let me explore safely: don’t restrict me unnecessarily. 

3. Housework will always be there. I’m only little such a short time—please take time to explain things to me about this wonderful world, and do so willingly. 

4. My feelings are tender; please be sensitive to my needs; don’t nag me all day long. (You wouldn’t want to be nagged for your inquisitiveness.) Treat me as you would like to be treated. 

5. I am a special gift from God; please treasure me as God intended you to do, holding me accountable for my actions, giving me guidelines to live by, and disciplining me in a loving manner. 

6. I need your encouragement, but not your praise, to grow. Please go easy on the criticism; remember you can criticize the things I do without criticizing me. 

7. Please give me the freedom to make decisions concerning myself. Permit me to fail, so that I can learn from my mistakes. Then someday I’ll be prepared to make the kind of decisions life requires of me.

 8. Please don’t do things over for me. Somehow that makes me feel that my efforts didn’t quite measure up to your expectations. I know it’s hard, but please don’t try to compare me with my brother or my sister. 

9. Please don’t be afraid to leave for a weekend together. Kids need vacations from parents, just as parents need vacations from kids. Besides, it’s a great way to show us kids that your marriage is very special. 

10. Please take me to Sunday school and church regularly (*substitute with going to the mosque and regular halaqas in our case), setting a good example for me to follow. I enjoy learning more about God.

By Dr. Kevin Leman