December 10, 2011

Pearls of Wisdom - Heart Therapy

Alhamdulilah got an opportunity to attend the weekend course Heart Therapy by Sheikh Yahya Ibrahim run by Al Kauthar Institute. Today was day one and can't wait for tomorrow inshaAllah but in the mean time I thought I'd share the pearls of wisdom I jotted down from the course so far.

- As many steps as you take away from Allah SWT it is only ONE step back to Him. Allah is seeking you and is wanting you to return to Him. Do not let shaytaan deceive you into thinking you are too far gone and there is no way back, take ONE step towards Allah and He will take 10 towards you.

- Emaan is not attained by wishing for it,  imaan is what is in your heart and actions that prove it's there. ~ Hasan Al Basri

- Allah holds you responsible even for your physical projection. So SMILE, it's charity!

- Change the little things in life that you are able to do & Allah will change the big things for you.

- Allah knows why people do what they do. Be accountable for your own self and do not judge others.

- One who wants to be successful in this life, needs to seek the akhirah (hereafter). Risq will come to you from sources you never thought of.

- Allah is NOT plan B!

- When you choose akhirah it does not mean you are rejecting the dunya. It's the choices that you make in achieving it that makes the difference.

- The basis of all disbelief is ingratitude.

- The biggest danger we face is not shaytaan, but the disobedience, choices and decisions that we make.

- Taqwa is that you obey Allah habitually so that no one can lead you away from remembering Him, and you are thankful to Allah so that you are never ungrateful and forgetful. And no one can lead you to disbelief. ~ Talq Ibn Habeeb

- Always have good hope in Allah.

- Allah has created balance. Do not attempt to do it on your own as it shows a disbelief in Qadr.

- Based on the decisions you choose to make today, Allah will protect your family in the future. So make sure they are the RIGHT choices!

Stay tuned, inshaAllah I will post Part 2 tomorrow :)

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