August 08, 2011

Treat the Young Girl According to Her Age...

According to an authentic narration:

<< It is narrated by A'ishah (RA) that Abu Bakr (RA) entered upon her whilst she was with two of her friends on the day of Mina. They were playing the tambourine and singing songs, whilst the Prophet (pbuh) was lying down with his face covered with his cloth. Abu Bakr rebuked them, so the Prophet (pbuh) uncovered his face and said: Let her be, O Abu Bakr, it's Eid. (Aishah added:) I have seen the Prophet (pbuh) screen me with his cloth, allowing me to see the Abyssinians play, and I was a young girl; so treat the young girl according to her age, as she is playful, spirited and youthful.>>
Muslim, Hadith no.892

Her words, "so treat the young girl according to her age" mean that young girls like to look and enjoy activities of leisure and entertainment, and hence, their husbands (or fathers) should take care of this desire of theirs and allow them to enjoy it until they are satisfied.  [Sharh Muslim by An-Nawawi (6/490)]

This hadith shows how kind, merciful and indulgent the Prophet (pbuh) was with his wives in his social interactions with them.

This marvellous religion of Islam is characterised by its ease and leniency, as it caters to the needs of a human being, whatever his or her circumstances or situation. Despite the fact that the reason for our existence on this planet is to worship Allah, there is nothing wrong with having fun and being merry, as long as it does not go against the limits set by Islam.

Taken from the book: The Prophet Muhammad, The Best of All Husbands by Dr. Ghazi al-Shammari

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