September 12, 2011

The 5-A Day Challenge WEEK 1

Assalam Alaykum to all who are participating in the challenge this week :) It's never too late to join, so hop on if you haven't already.

InshaAllah this week I plan on doing the following 5 with my 3 year old:

- Dua before and after going to the toilet
- Surah Ikhlaas, she has memorised it already but I'm going to work on better pronunciation
- Dua before bedtime
- Arabic Alphabets (flash cards)
- 3 names of Allah

List your 5 (or whatever number you choose) and lets track our progress. As mentioned in my previous post, it can be less than 5, it can be over 2 weeks if 1 week isn't enough. Work it around your child's ability and task at hand.

Renew your intention, make it for the sake of Allah alone, and to gain His acceptance and pleasure and to raise a righteous child, InshaAllah!

Let the challenge begin! :)


  1. Salaam,

    I have to be honest - 7 days is a bit hectic! Friday and Saturday were too busy, but Alhamdulillah when I reviewed this morning - he had improved.
    I want DH to be involved so he can access him as to whether he proceeds to a new set or retains a few.

  2. Go at your own pace sis, whatever suits you. As long as its consistent, because that is what helps most :)

  3. I think since Arabic is a new language, it's gonna take him a while to get his tongue around the words/sounds. A Surah/dua might have to monthly.
    My 5-a-day will be letters, numbers and details : Name of Allah, info about Prophets etc.

  4. With the duas and surahs to get him familiar with it, maybe you can play them in the car or at home when he's around playing. Arabic is new language for us too, as in we don't understand or speak it at home. When I went to Saudi I got back a CD which has recitation by a sheikh followed by a kid repeating after him, very good quality, and I play this a lot and my daughter has picked up random words and ayah and its helping with pronunciation too. I have uploaded it and can email you the download link if you wish.