January 20, 2009

Our Children in Gaza

About a year back when I was attending the annual Islamic conference here in Melbourne, I had a very emotionally draining experience which has left a huge impact on my life. It has made me more grateful to Allah for my blessings and I realised the extent of pain and suffering others go through when they lose someone close to their heart, a part of their soul – their child.

It all happened when hubby was minding my daughter, who was just over 2 years old back then, while I attended one of the lectures. When it ended and I returned to hubby he looked extremely worried and I walked up to him to ask him what’s wrong. What he told me made my heart sink and I was engulfed with a feeling of fear and despair. He said he couldn’t find my daughter!

Here I was standing amidst a huge crowd of people frantically running from one corner to the other trying to spot my little girl. I was angry at myself for letting this happen and my heart was pounding fast in my chest. I hurriedly ran up to the volunteers and asked them for their help. Soon enough there was a team of people looking for her and I started making du’a to Allah to keep my child safe and protect her. Her beautiful innocent face flashed before my eyes and I didn’t want to think of how it would feel if I lost her forever and didn’t see her again. Those moments from when she went missing to the time she was found were heart wrenching. When they finally found her and brought her to me I was overcome with relief and tears streamed down my face while I embraced her. I thanked Allah over and over for reuniting us. Alhamdulilah, the time I was away from my child was short lived and I didn’t have to deal with the pain for long.

But what about our dear sisters & brothers suffering in Gaza? What happened with me cannot even compare to what they are going through. The pictures floating around on the internet speak about a gruesome truth. These people are losing their children and their loved ones and seeing them die before their eyes. There is nothing they can do to protect them and save them. Can you imagine how they must feel? What have these innocent children done to deserve this? Everyday they live in fear, traumatized and scarred – physically, mentally and emotionally, for the rest of their lives.

The question is - what are we trying to achieve? The widespread injustice and death of civilians just goes to show how immature and inhumane people can be. We need to grow up! War is not the answer. Killing innocent civilians under the pretext of trying to settle your disputes is not the solution.

Make du'a for our children in Gaza. Donate generously for the sake of Allah, so they can get the aid they require. Sponsor a child & make a difference in their life.

O Allah, the fate of our people in Gaza is in your hands. O Allah, You are aware of our affairs and to You we return. To You we raise our misery, sorrows and complaints. Ya Rabb! Put an end to the injustice of the oppressors and bestow Your Mercy upon all Muslims, Ameen.

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