August 14, 2008

Book Review

Book Review

Fix it Duck – By Jez Alborough (Ages 3 & up)

This is a short, rhyming story which would make an excellent read-aloud for younger kids. The illustrations are exuberant and whimsical, with enough attention to detail to reward repeat reading.

Duck is sitting in his living room on a rainy day when a drop of water drips into his tea cup. He immediately launches into “Fix-it-duck” mode setting out to repair the roof. But he doesn’t have a ladder so he sets out to borrow one from his friend, Sheep. Sheep mentions that the window in his own roof leaks and “Fix-it-duck” is on the job again...

The Reader rapidly figures out that “Fix-it-duck”, while well-intentioned, is an uncoordinated and accident-prone menace. He combines guileless ego and an over-reaching confidence and a breezy facility & wreaks havoc as a self-appointed handyman. But the thing about Duck is that he never gives up when things don’t go as planned.

This book is an excellent aid in engaging in thought provoking conversations. Can teach values such as ‘never give up’, ‘think twice before you act’, ‘be proactive’ etc.

This has been a very welcome addition to our home library.

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