August 09, 2008

The sweetest little gift… my angel

This is an article I wrote when my first child was a few months old. It was published in our family magazine.

The sweetest little gift…My angel

On the 14th of October at 2:14 am Allah (swt) blessed us with a beautiful little angel – my baby girl. This tiny little angel with her long lashes and perfect lips had finally arrived to fill our hearts with happiness, and touch our lives with love. She lay there looking at me in the eyes, so calm and peaceful. Here she was, finally in my arms, so enchanted, innocent and sweet. From the minute I saw her I couldn’t help but be grateful to Allah (swt) to have blessed me so abundantly.

This little baby has added color to our lives, stealing our hearts and bringing us joy. I never imagined that something so tiny, so small, so shy could make a man as big as her daddy cry. But the tears were always tears of joy, every time he gazed at his little sweetie pie.

The trusting first smile she gave me made me feel as though I’ve won the greatest prize. She looked so adorable and all I did was hold her in my arms and tell her how lucky I was to have been blessed with a little miracle of life. As I watch her grow and change, I feel richer with every smile and look of love she has on her tiny face.

I love her more each day and I could sit and watch her laugh and coo for hours every day! No words can really express how much I love her and how my world is fuller now that I have her. I can’t help but embrace her and give her all that she deserves.

She’s a composite picture of giggles and tears. Her tantrums, excitements, amusements and fears keep us all on our toes. She’s a bundle of mischief and often a tease and sometimes so moody that she’s not easy to please!

It’s fun to hold and cuddle her and tickle her little feet. I love to hear her chuckle when I do a little feat. It’s fun to dress her up and show her off to everyone I know!

My little precious in no time will not be so little anymore, and it aches my heart to think of when she grows up and will have to leave us and go.

Oh Allah, we ask you for your guidance, to help us raise our children as a pious Muslims and make them strong in their deen. Oh Allah, bless our children and protect them from all harm and the evil eye. Oh Allah, forgive our sins, accept our prayers, and grant us a place in paradise! Ameen.

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  1. Assalaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh,

    Masha'Allah lovely little article sis - made me feel quite emotional!