August 19, 2008

A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away

As a school aged child my mom always encouraged me to pursue my hobbies. Along with academics she always stressed on the importance of having hobbies. During our school holidays we were never allowed to sit idle or waste our time in front of the television. We were always asked to do something productive with our time. As a child I didn’t really understand why she made such a big deal of it but now that I do not have much time to do the things I like I realize how important it is for me to spend some time everyday doing what I love most.

Besides filling up the hours, hobbies can be the beginning of a lifetime passion. Hobbies can enhance our creativity and help us think more clearly and sharpen our focus. When I would be engaged in a hobby of my choice, I’d lose sense of time and get completely engrossed in the task at hand. It made me feel so much more energetic and I came out of it feeling content and motivated – both emotionally and intellectually. Making time for enjoyable activities stimulates parts of the brain associated with creative and positive thinking. They enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.

I believe that everyone has an abundance of interests and talents. It’s just a matter of figuring out what makes us tick and stick to it. Sometimes a particular experience can lead to experimenting with new projects, meeting new people and increasing positive self-esteem.

I know for myself pursing my hobbies created a very special place in my heart. It fulfilled so many parts of me and the personal connection to create something new was very therapeutic for my well-being.

If you notice that you often feel lonely, maybe it’s time to observe what you silently yearn to try. The choices are limitless. Participating in something new can be adventurous. Once you discover what your hobbies are you will realise that it brings more joy and awareness in your life.

Going through the same old routine day and in out makes life so monotone and I feel more anxious and depressed. I burn out easily and get very irritable. I love being the person I am and enjoy doing the things I do, but sometimes the feeling that I am solely defined by my job – as a mother/home-maker – even if it is going well makes me feel depressed. I feel that I do not have a perception of myself outside of ‘work’.

Being tied up with life and the many chores it brings along with it, I’ve let my hobbies take a back-seat. I’ve ignored them for too long and now I feel that it’s time I spent some time doing the things I like without having to worry about anything else. Just as we make sure we take some time out to look after ourselves physically, we need to nurture our minds and let ourselves ‘flow’. Soon I will be making an effort to spend a few minutes everyday doing the things that make me happy & I hope this will help me develop a more positive outlook towards life in general.

Some of my hobbies are: reading, painting (fabric/tile/glass), and latch work, henna designs, cooking & stitching (not sewing). What are yours?


  1. Bismillaah

    Assalaam Alaikum warahamtuhlahi Wabarakatuh!

    Maasha Allaah! I love your blog! Great job ;) We should link to each other insha Allaah. Please email me privately if you are interested or leave me a note on my blog or website.

    Sincerely & Gratefully
    ~Halimah bint David

  2. p.s. Sorry I forgot I wanted to tell you of my hobbies, lol. (blush blush)

    My hobbies are blogging, facebook, writing and illustrating childrens books, clay modeling, pottery, cooking, crocheting, self beauty care, swimming and watching educational video's on a variety of different topics.

  3. Walaikum Salaam wrwb,

    jazaak Allah Khayrun sis.

    I've already added your blog on my blogroll. :)

    MashaAllah you write childrens books? Care to share some of your titles, inshaAllah?

  4. Bismillaah

    Wa'Alaykaam Assalaam

    Sorry Ukti, about the delay..thanks for asking. You can find my published books here

    Jazzaka Allaahu Khair!
    Sincerely & Gratefully
    Halimah bint David