August 24, 2008

Heart Wheel Journal

Sheikh Mohammad Al-Shareef has put together an amazing journal that we can use during the month of Ramadan (and even during the rest of the year) to improve our relationship with our Creator and get closer to Allah (swt).

I encourage everyone to download the journal, print it, bind it and use it to make this Ramadan a memorable one, inshaAllah.

You can also sign up on Al-Maghrib Forums for support and to interact with other people using the journal around the world, insha'Allah.

All the best and insha'Allah this is beneficial to us all!

Don't forget to make dua for the beloved Sheikh :)

Click Here


  1. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Thanks for this sis... may well download it insha'Allah; how many pages is it to print out?

    I never heard of the Sheikh; should I have? :/

  2. It's 135 pages sis. Don't be put off by it though - it's very thorough and leaves no room for error. You will surely achieve your goal if you stick to it inshaAllah.
    The sheikh is one of my favourites mashaAllah. Here's more information about him: