August 14, 2008

My Ramadan Planner

The few things that come to my mind about the month of Ramadan

  • Spirituality, being away from sins
  • Experiencing pangs of thirst and hunger
  • Qur’an recitation and Taraweeh prayers
  • Dhikr and istighfaar
  • Charity and feeding the poor
  • Providing food for breaking of fast

My Primary goal for this month of Ramadan, insha'Allah

Be God-fearing and work towards increasing Taqwa

I will do the following, insha'Allah -

To improve my Salah:

  • Improve concentration
  • Increase prostrations
  • Pray sunnah and nafl along with Fardh

To improve my relationship with the Qur’an:

  • Read the whole Qur’an atleast once
  • Understand it’s meaning and ponder over it’s verses
  • Go through tafseer (Ibn Kathir)

To get closer to Allah (swt) I will:

  • Incorporate daily du’as
  • Du’as after every prayer
  • Supplications before Iftaar
  • Du’as from Qur’an and Hadith

From health point of view:

  • Improve eating & sleeping habits
  • Be moderate

For increasing my knowledge:

  • Read Islamic books
  • Listen to Islamic Lectures (atleast one a day)

I have decided to work on the following Ma’aroof:

  • Be kind to relatives
  • Arrange for iftaar
  • Give alms to the poor
  • Respect my elders
  • Attain good manners and behavior

I have decided to shun the following Munkar:

  • Gheebat (speaking ill of others)
  • Losing temper
  • Vain Talk
  • Internet surfing/Television

For the last 10 nights:

  • Istighfaar – for past and future sins
  • Ask Allah’s guidance for future
  • Stand in prayers
  • Increase Qur’an recitation and dua
For Eid:
  • Attend Eid prayer
  • Invite family over for meal
  • Visit family and friends
  • Exchange gifts

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